Nel silenzio dei media di tutta europa continua la beffa israeliana che quell’infame di Terzi tace. Possa un giorno il suo dio legarlo al basto di una macina e condannarlo a cercare in cerchio il centro della sua ragion d’essere.

Occupied Palestine | فلسطين

Note occpal:
Some Israeli sources as well as it’s supporters claim there would be no humanitarian aid on board of the Estelle. Well, maybe Israel’s trust in Port State controls lacks, or Shabak failed here, but below the list of cargo. As well as contact info for further information about Port State control locations if required. Release: 17 October 2012

No ship has undergone as many and as thorough inspections as Estelle has during the last couple of months. We have had several so-called Port State Controls.

Thousands of visitors with their own eyes have been able to assure themselves of what we are bringing in our cargo and that we ourselves are non-violent human rights activists.

Our cargo, loaded in ports along the journey, consists of things necessary for survival as well as things that make life more comfortable.

Estelle also bring a VHF radio and an anchor…

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